Meet Our Staff



Paul Collis, Managing Director, Tour Supply LTD, Manchester, UK

Doug Reed, Artist Relations Manager, St Paul, MN.

Chris Lisee – Manager, Los Angeles


Adam Hudson, Manager Nashville

Jeremiah Martin – Purchasing, Los Angeles


Randy Gabbard, Technician, Nashville.


Allen Moreno – Sales and Marketing Manager in Los Angeles



Kevin Martin – Sales and whatnot in Los Angeles


Taura Wascom – Billing & Collections, Nashville


Jesse Martin – Jesse Martin, Manager at Rock Lititz


Napper (right) Manager, Tour Supply UK pictured with Dee \m/

Lauren Vessio, Service Coordinator, Nashville

Lauren Vessio, Service Coordinator, NashvilleERIK                       Erik Goehrisch – Guitar Technician, Los Angeles fozzie                                        Kevin “Fozzie” Ricci – Heads the tech service dept..

2 responses to “Meet Our Staff

  1. Randy Gabbard you look like you did when we worked together with CC Hendricks and Rod Jones in Overnite Transit……… me at 206 409 6431 or………I’m still playing the same tenor sax as I did back then.

  2. Hey Lauren. I’m hoping that you get this message. I’ve been thinking about you lately and was wondering how you’re doing. My hope is that you’re happy. Looks like a cool place to work!
    Best wishes

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