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Playback Control – Fly rig & Touring rig

We recently completed this playback control fly system for one of our clients. They’ve had their touring rig out for quite some time but needed to get a fly system for one offs and such. We have the fly rig loaded into (2) 5 space racks inside Pelican 1620 cases. There is a 3rd rack for the drum trigger/sample system which is also in a 1620. Each case is less than 70 lbs and can easily be checked as luggage and secured with Pelican TSA locks.


(2) 5 space racks incorporating Playback Control fly rig


Playback Control Fly System (on the right), Drum trigger/sample rig (top left), Playback Control Tour System (lower left)


Fly Rig, top of racks are carpeted which helps to level and stabilize the laptops


Back of Fly Rig, rack A


Back of Fly Rig, Rack B


Back of Drum Rack – the drumkat incorporated into this system


Viggy putting on the finishing touches – look at the focus!


Chris buttoning things up.

Check out this video of Joe from Within the Ruins w/ his Fractal Axe FX II

Feeding Frenzy from their new release “Elite”




How about a Pelican Pedalboard today?

Check it out…pelicanpedalboard

Fractal Audio & Tour Supply

Fractal Audio and Tour Supply continue their highly successful campaign of bringing Fractal Audio to the touring industry. The Axe FX II is one of the most amazing and highly-sought-after products we have EVER carried. It’s been extremely well received on tour for several reasons. Of course, it sounds incredible which is the first priority. But it’s such a comprehensive and versatile piece…which makes the AF2 an almost necessary addition to your guitar rig. Or you can just make the Axe FX II your entire rig!

The AF2 is popular not only on tour w/ guys like Alex Lifeson (RUSH) but also in the studio w/ A-list producers (Nick Raskulinecz).
Visit for more info and call us at 1-800-933-TOUR to order the Axe FX II @ artist pricing.


Wireless Fly-rig from Tour Supply

Here’s a wireless rig we put together recently for a client. This system contains Shure Axient for vocals along with the AXT600 Spectrum manager. There are 16 channels of PSM1000 and 16 channels of ULXD as well. Everything is networked together via Wireless Workbench 6 and able to be flown in our Pelican Flyracks.


Shure ULX-D Dual and Quad Receivers

Here is a great video which discusses the new dual and quad digital receivers from Shure


Ken Smith Polish

What kind of polish do you prefer? From our perspective, there are many great ones out there. However, the indisputable proof is in the pudding as they say. Every year, we seem to sell more of this than anything else:

Ken Smith Polish

Ken Smith Polish