Playback Control Systems by Tour Supply Are Full “Go” for Launch!

Tour Supply and Playback Controll Logo

Playback Control systems by Tour Supply are full “go” for launch!
Tour Supply brings Viggy Vignola on staff to spearhead new division.

(Nashville, TN – February 9, 2016) For the past several years, Tour Supply has been building their Playback Control systems with long-time partner, William “Viggy” Vignola. Most of today’s major touring artists are running backing tracks. Often it’s a small component to the show; other times it can be the mainstay of a live performance. Having a reliable and consistent way to play these tracks every night can be a significant issue for many productions.

Playback Control from Tour Supply is a fully redundant solution, operating on dual MacBook computers running Motu’s Digital Performer backbone. The systems are methodically assembled, both in touring rigs with ATA style cases, and as “fly rigs” that live inside a Pelican case and meet the 70-pound max weight. Viggy Vignola is the architect of Playback Control and is now entrenched at Tour Supply on a full-time basis to expand this division.

Having spent over 30 years on tour with Whitney Houston, Justin Timberlake, Motley Crüe, and dozens of others, Viggy Vignola brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to Tour Supply, where he will continue to produce the much-heralded Playback Control System, along with a number of additional services.  “I’m looking forward to focusing 100% of my time on taking this to a new level,” Viggy explained. “I’m not going to be squeezing a job into a small window before I go back out on tour. I can truly commit everything to Playback Control and our clients going forward.”

Tour Supply President Larry Martin stated, “We are very excited to bring Viggy on board on a full-time basis. He brings a unique skillset to the company that will be a huge benefit to both Tour Supply and our clientele.”

Over the past three years, Tour Supply and Vignola have partnered in creating and refining Playback Control to be incredibly stable and versatile, yet simple to operate. Early in 2013, the partners branded the system Playback Control and begin to offer more of a “cookie-cutter” system through Tour Supply.

Tour Supply CEO Lance Wascom elaborated: “When we began working with Viggy on playback systems, we would just build the rig and hand it over to him. He would then interface with the client on the programming side. Then, about two years ago, we came up with a game plan to put everything under one roof. The bands and their management appreciated that we could give them a comprehensive package that clearly stated what you’re getting in terms of hardware, software, installation, and programming.”

There are approximately 60 Playback Control systems currently is use with Kenny Chesney, Imagine Dragons, Lenny Kravitz, Disturbed, Aerosmith, and many more. Viggy Vignola noted, “I very rarely get support calls from customers. On the rare occasion that I do, I can just remotely log into the password-protected system to do an edit or provide a quick fix.”

Although the systems are well known for being a bulletproof solution for running tracks, the multi-tasking ability of the system is what bands really love. The systems can host on-board HD video, control MIDI switching (guitars, keys, electronic percussion), send timecode, or even DMX commands. “We can output video directly to your screen or multiple screens,” stated Wascom. “We’ve also built the video content for many artists including Chicago, Brantley Gilbert, and Shinedown. For another client, Viggy just finished programming all MIDI switching for 5 band members for their entire set!”

Going forward, Tour Supply looks to further expand Viggy’s role in providing drum trigger systems, virtual keyboard/guitar systems, Pro Tools editing, video programming (both content creation and live integration), as well as MIDI consulting and complete show automation. “I’m here for the long haul,” said Viggy. “I’ve more than paid my dues on the road. There are things I’ll miss about it, but I’m beyond excited to begin this new chapter with Tour Supply.”

Playback Control builds live playback systems for touring artists, theatre groups, and corporate clients. It was formed in January of 2013 and is a brand of Tour Supply Inc. For more info, see


William “Viggy” Vignola

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