Greetings From Tour Supply

Greetings Kids I hope 2015 has been good for you so far.

Touring season seems to have started on January 2nd this year so we are already hard at work getting you the gear you need to make the show happen.

One of the new products we recently discovered is the Kick Pro.

The KickPro is a revolutionary new design of your favorite bass drum pillow. There are no rules when using this new product. It is recommended that you experiment with different placement inside or outside of your kick, or by resting it against the batter and/or resonant heads. It weighs approximately 4 pounds and brings out the natural low end of the bass drum that you may have been missing. It has a non-slip grip side so there is no need to lock it into place using adhesives. You can even flip it over and use the grip side to keep your mic from slipping!


The KickPro Weighted Gripping Drum Pillow comes in three different sizes and is designed and manufactured by hand in Los Angeles, CA by a very respected industry veteran. The list of players and recording professionals currently using this product is too long to mention, so contact your friends at Tour Supply today for more info!

Another product line that just keeps getting better has been Pelican Cases.  With the introduction of their Pro Gear Luggage they have redefined traveling in style.  They offer two different versions of their three different sizes.

Pelican Pro Gear Elite Luggage

The Elite version comes with the Enhanced Travel System which includes a Detachable Lid Organizer, Dopp Style Toiletry Kit,  Zippered Shoe Sack, Laundry and Garment Bags.

Come by one of our locations and check em out.

This month we’ll be introducing a new tech tips feature with various contributors from the touring industry giving you real world advice for negotiating some of the challenges of the road. Our first installment will be by the lovely and talented Doug Redler. He is currently out with Heart but has taken care of everyone from  Brian Ferry to K.D. Lang to the Black Crowes. Make sure to check out his book, The Guitarists Guide to Maintenance and Repair. In it Doug gives you practical, real world knowledge that you can use on the gig.

Greetings Road Dogs,

Like it or not winter is here and it’s going to be another long, cold one, especially for those of us living on the East Coast.  Throughout the winter it is very important to keep your acoustic guitars humidified, as an easy way to prevent damage caused by low humidity and home heating units.

I see lots of acoustic guitar repairs at this time of year because people are neglecting their instruments and not keeping them humidified. Cold weather, radiators, fireplaces, wood burning
stoves and portable heaters will all cause the humidity in a room or studio to drop, resulting in the guitar’s wood losing moisture and shrinking. That’s when the real problems start!

Tech Tip-Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air and when wood dries out it shrinks.

I explain more about humidity in my Guitar Maintenance book and how too little (and even too much) can affect your guitar. I’ll show you ways to prevent damaging your guitar and keep it playing great all year round.

See you on the road!


Until next time, stay safe!

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  1. does Allen still work there?

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