New Products at Tour Supply

Greetings from Tour Supply!

We’re going to jump right in to some cool new product demos and some interesting pics of stuff we’ve been up to.

We just received our first batch of Matrix GT800FX power amps in and we couldn’t be happier with their performance.
Matrix GT800FXTaking up only one rack space and weighing a hair over eight pounds they are designed to bring out the most in the new generation of modeling amps and fit easily into one of our
Pelican fly racks.

Our shop in Nashville has been pretty excited about the 4E Dual Axis Expression Pedal by DB Instrument Amp.

4E Dual Axis Expression Pedal
As the name implies, you can use two different axes to control up to four different effects at once. Now you can get all the functionality of two expression p
edals while only taking the the space of one.

Another product that we’re marveling at is the amazing Korg SDD3000 delay pedal.

Korg SDD3000

Long a favorite of the Edge, the original SDD3000 rackmount delay had a distinctive tone due to a preamp section that gave it it’s warm, slightly saturated sound. All of that has been recaptured in the new pedal. It is contollable via midi and also via it’s onboard footswitches.
Come on down and try it out.

Below is a shot of a case our own Larry Martin had made and delivered to Sir Paul McCartney for his show at Dodger stadium.


Working with AFW Cases, Larry was able to create a design, get it manufactured and delivered to the show in an amazingly small amount of time.
Nice work!

Till next time, stay safe out there.

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