Tour Supply at the Download Fest

Tour Supply at the Download Fest

Linkin_Park_Gets_Ready_To_Go_Small Chad_Olech_Mixing_Fallout_Boy_Small
Tour Supply once again had the mobile store set up at Download Festival @ Castle Donnington, UK. It was an eventful weekend which included some really nice weather for a change. The headliners for this years’ show were Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park, and Aerosmith…with maybe another hundred bands between.
Tour_Supply_Cabin_at_Download_Small Takumi_Lance_and_Johnnie_Allan_Small
It was great to catch up with many old friends and make some new ones. The Tour Supply cabin was in the artist compound backstage and was a welcome oasis for many of the bands. We were able to provide some much needed love in terms of last minute, “oh crap” items that people needed. In some cases, we were handing off orders to be used on stage only minutes later. This is what the mobile store is about for us. Being on site in the trenches and coming through in the clutch is why we attend these festivals.We’re grateful to be a part of Download Festival for the past 6 years in a row now! Many thanks to Andy Copping and the entire staff at Download who humble us by allowing us to be involved year after year.The Download cabin was manned by UK manager “Big” Al Mouat along with Lance Wascom, who brought the Nashville sunshine along – at least on Friday and Saturday!
Paul Collis was on site from TS UK as well, wearing multiple hats.Paul assisted in the cabin but was very busy all 3 days with Anathema (Friday), Collibus (Saturday) and Winger (Sunday) at FOH and tour wrangling bands. Paul’s “other” company STS Touring once again provided all backline for the festival and even concocted a last minute drum set for one of the bands who arrived sans a drum set due to a slight shipping/packing error!Kudos to Richard Knowles and the STS crew for making it happen.
The Tour Supply cabin can be seen at many other festivals in the UK this year. Here’s the entire lineup including a few that have already passed.  Stop in and see us if you’re attending any of these upcoming shows: Radio 1 Big Weekend
T In The Park
Kendal Calling
V Fest

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