Never Say Never…

Hello all and Happy August!

I hope you’re all doing well and keeping cool and or dry depending on where you’re at.  This month we will be looking at a couple of cool guitar related products that have been getting some attention at Tour Supply.

The first is by a Mission Engineering.  They make many high quality switching and control products, notably their expression and volume pedals, but also make some great wah pedals and an excellent vibe as well. We have the EPI-R-BK hooked up to a Fractal Audio AXEFX II at our shop in North Hollywood. This is a professional piece of gear made in the USA which features Mission’s extended sweep chassis, and purpose designed sealed 10K linear potentiometer. The R mini toggle polarity reversal switch is ensures compatibility with standard and ‘reverse polarity’ devices such as CAE and Rocktron MIDI controllers.

They also offer a line of “product specific” expression pedals made to interface with units such as the TC Electronics G-System, the entire Line 6 line and the RJM Mastermind among others.  I highly recommend checking the entire line out.

The next product that seems to be causing a stir is by an Italian company called Ego Sonoro.

We are carrying their zero noise products which offer a road worthy, AC free way to power your pedals on stage. Basically it’s a rechargeable power supply that will give you up to 10 hours of noise free run time at 100ma draw. Imagine not having to worry about AC hum at the next venue you play with “less than adequate” power.  They also offer the PZN6 which is an all in one pedal board with built in power supply Made of aluminum alloy base, it’s both rugged and weighing in at a little over 6 lbs., light weight as well. Paired with a Pelican 1550 it would be a rock solid, extremely portable pedal board solution.

This month’s employee spotlight will be on one of Tennessee’s favorite sons, Adam Hudson.

adam_hudson_SMALLAdam is the store manager at our location in Sound Check Nashville and has many years of retail experience coming to us from Artist Relations & GC Pro. He grew up and went to school in Tennessee and played trumpet  for the University of Tennessee Volunteers marching band. On his off time he tries to get to as many of the area’s concerts as he can and to the golf course when time away from job number one (husband and father) permits.

Before I sign off here’s a link to a really fantastic article about the Eagles documentary, The History of the Eagles.

Even if you don’t care for their music, it’s a fascinating look at several decades of the music biz  and at how those guys became one of the biggest bands ever, along with some priceless insight from the great Joe Walsh. This article by Bill Simmons on the Grantland site is definitely a great way to pass some time on the bus or in the dressing room.

Till next time,
All the best and stay safe
Allen Moreno
Tour Supply, Inc..

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