Playback Control – Fly rig & Touring rig

We recently completed this playback control fly system for one of our clients. They’ve had their touring rig out for quite some time but needed to get a fly system for one offs and such. We have the fly rig loaded into (2) 5 space racks inside Pelican 1620 cases. There is a 3rd rack for the drum trigger/sample system which is also in a 1620. Each case is less than 70 lbs and can easily be checked as luggage and secured with Pelican TSA locks.


(2) 5 space racks incorporating Playback Control fly rig


Playback Control Fly System (on the right), Drum trigger/sample rig (top left), Playback Control Tour System (lower left)


Fly Rig, top of racks are carpeted which helps to level and stabilize the laptops


Back of Fly Rig, rack A


Back of Fly Rig, Rack B


Back of Drum Rack – the drumkat incorporated into this system


Viggy putting on the finishing touches – look at the focus!


Chris buttoning things up.

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