It’s good to be back

Greetings all,
I wanted to quickly say thank you to everyone who wished me well on my way out and welcomed me back with open arms when I came back. Liking what you do and the people you do it with is something I wont take for granted again.
Also, the next time your local manufacturer’s rep comes by to pitch you on his or her new gadget, give em a hug, they probably need it.

So now that I’m back I have some additional roles with the company. While I will still be answering phones and assisting store manager Chris Lisee with general day to day sales, I will also be sales manager for Playback Control and marketing / national sales manager for the company. Among other things I will be creating new content for the Tour Supply website, Instagram and Facebook pages, creating this fine newsletter as well as overseeing brand management, and coordination of special events and trade shows for the company.
I am excited to dig in to these new duties and am looking forward to input from all of my fellow Tour Suppliers.

This month’s employee spotlight will be on Kevin (Fozzie) Ricci.

Kevin comes to us with a wealth of knowledge from having worked at the venerable West La Music, Schecter Guitars and Guitar Center. He will be our on site technician at the North Hollywood location handling the consultation,design and construction of all things rig related. Kevin will be building everything from custom cables to Playback Control rigs.

He also plays guitar in the band Goliath
Go download their seven track album Vendetta with the World now!

I will be posting new product demos and photos in the near future so check back often.

All the Best,


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