Fractal Audio & Tour Supply

Fractal Audio and Tour Supply continue their highly successful campaign of bringing Fractal Audio to the touring industry. The Axe FX II is one of the most amazing and highly-sought-after products we have EVER carried. It’s been extremely well received on tour for several reasons. Of course, it sounds incredible which is the first priority. But it’s such a comprehensive and versatile piece…which makes the AF2 an almost necessary addition to your guitar rig. Or you can just make the Axe FX II your entire rig!

The AF2 is popular not only on tour w/ guys like Alex Lifeson (RUSH) but also in the studio w/ A-list producers (Nick Raskulinecz).
Visit for more info and call us at 1-800-933-TOUR to order the Axe FX II @ artist pricing.


3 responses to “Fractal Audio & Tour Supply

  1. Kent Bernstein

    It is great to see you guys coming out eith advancements in gear.As an audio engineer it is products like your latest that make my job easier and more interesting.Keep up the great work.
    Kent Bernstein

  2. Hello Fractal,
    I’m still using your gear .I love it.Unlike other huge boards,Its very compact,and this does it all.One of the best and travels an entire Tour and is ready for always “peak”performance..This works for me.Thank you .
    Kent Bernstein

  3. Thanks Again,my friends at Fractal,Kent

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