Playback Control Systems by Tour Supply Are Full “Go” for Launch!

Tour Supply and Playback Controll Logo

Playback Control systems by Tour Supply are full “go” for launch!
Tour Supply brings Viggy Vignola on staff to spearhead new division.

(Nashville, TN – February 9, 2016) For the past several years, Tour Supply has been building their Playback Control systems with long-time partner, William “Viggy” Vignola. Most of today’s major touring artists are running backing tracks. Often it’s a small component to the show; other times it can be the mainstay of a live performance. Having a reliable and consistent way to play these tracks every night can be a significant issue for many productions.

Playback Control from Tour Supply is a fully redundant solution, operating on dual MacBook computers running Motu’s Digital Performer backbone. The systems are methodically assembled, both in touring rigs with ATA style cases, and as “fly rigs” that live inside a Pelican case and meet the 70-pound max weight. Viggy Vignola is the architect of Playback Control and is now entrenched at Tour Supply on a full-time basis to expand this division.

Having spent over 30 years on tour with Whitney Houston, Justin Timberlake, Motley Crüe, and dozens of others, Viggy Vignola brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to Tour Supply, where he will continue to produce the much-heralded Playback Control System, along with a number of additional services.  “I’m looking forward to focusing 100% of my time on taking this to a new level,” Viggy explained. “I’m not going to be squeezing a job into a small window before I go back out on tour. I can truly commit everything to Playback Control and our clients going forward.”

Tour Supply President Larry Martin stated, “We are very excited to bring Viggy on board on a full-time basis. He brings a unique skillset to the company that will be a huge benefit to both Tour Supply and our clientele.”

Over the past three years, Tour Supply and Vignola have partnered in creating and refining Playback Control to be incredibly stable and versatile, yet simple to operate. Early in 2013, the partners branded the system Playback Control and begin to offer more of a “cookie-cutter” system through Tour Supply.

Tour Supply CEO Lance Wascom elaborated: “When we began working with Viggy on playback systems, we would just build the rig and hand it over to him. He would then interface with the client on the programming side. Then, about two years ago, we came up with a game plan to put everything under one roof. The bands and their management appreciated that we could give them a comprehensive package that clearly stated what you’re getting in terms of hardware, software, installation, and programming.”

There are approximately 60 Playback Control systems currently is use with Kenny Chesney, Imagine Dragons, Lenny Kravitz, Disturbed, Aerosmith, and many more. Viggy Vignola noted, “I very rarely get support calls from customers. On the rare occasion that I do, I can just remotely log into the password-protected system to do an edit or provide a quick fix.”

Although the systems are well known for being a bulletproof solution for running tracks, the multi-tasking ability of the system is what bands really love. The systems can host on-board HD video, control MIDI switching (guitars, keys, electronic percussion), send timecode, or even DMX commands. “We can output video directly to your screen or multiple screens,” stated Wascom. “We’ve also built the video content for many artists including Chicago, Brantley Gilbert, and Shinedown. For another client, Viggy just finished programming all MIDI switching for 5 band members for their entire set!”

Going forward, Tour Supply looks to further expand Viggy’s role in providing drum trigger systems, virtual keyboard/guitar systems, Pro Tools editing, video programming (both content creation and live integration), as well as MIDI consulting and complete show automation. “I’m here for the long haul,” said Viggy. “I’ve more than paid my dues on the road. There are things I’ll miss about it, but I’m beyond excited to begin this new chapter with Tour Supply.”

Playback Control builds live playback systems for touring artists, theatre groups, and corporate clients. It was formed in January of 2013 and is a brand of Tour Supply Inc. For more info, see


William “Viggy” Vignola

Greetings From Tour Supply

Greetings Kids I hope 2015 has been good for you so far.

Touring season seems to have started on January 2nd this year so we are already hard at work getting you the gear you need to make the show happen.

One of the new products we recently discovered is the Kick Pro.

The KickPro is a revolutionary new design of your favorite bass drum pillow. There are no rules when using this new product. It is recommended that you experiment with different placement inside or outside of your kick, or by resting it against the batter and/or resonant heads. It weighs approximately 4 pounds and brings out the natural low end of the bass drum that you may have been missing. It has a non-slip grip side so there is no need to lock it into place using adhesives. You can even flip it over and use the grip side to keep your mic from slipping!


The KickPro Weighted Gripping Drum Pillow comes in three different sizes and is designed and manufactured by hand in Los Angeles, CA by a very respected industry veteran. The list of players and recording professionals currently using this product is too long to mention, so contact your friends at Tour Supply today for more info!

Another product line that just keeps getting better has been Pelican Cases.  With the introduction of their Pro Gear Luggage they have redefined traveling in style.  They offer two different versions of their three different sizes.

Pelican Pro Gear Elite Luggage

The Elite version comes with the Enhanced Travel System which includes a Detachable Lid Organizer, Dopp Style Toiletry Kit,  Zippered Shoe Sack, Laundry and Garment Bags.

Come by one of our locations and check em out.

This month we’ll be introducing a new tech tips feature with various contributors from the touring industry giving you real world advice for negotiating some of the challenges of the road. Our first installment will be by the lovely and talented Doug Redler. He is currently out with Heart but has taken care of everyone from  Brian Ferry to K.D. Lang to the Black Crowes. Make sure to check out his book, The Guitarists Guide to Maintenance and Repair. In it Doug gives you practical, real world knowledge that you can use on the gig.

Greetings Road Dogs,

Like it or not winter is here and it’s going to be another long, cold one, especially for those of us living on the East Coast.  Throughout the winter it is very important to keep your acoustic guitars humidified, as an easy way to prevent damage caused by low humidity and home heating units.

I see lots of acoustic guitar repairs at this time of year because people are neglecting their instruments and not keeping them humidified. Cold weather, radiators, fireplaces, wood burning
stoves and portable heaters will all cause the humidity in a room or studio to drop, resulting in the guitar’s wood losing moisture and shrinking. That’s when the real problems start!

Tech Tip-Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air and when wood dries out it shrinks.

I explain more about humidity in my Guitar Maintenance book and how too little (and even too much) can affect your guitar. I’ll show you ways to prevent damaging your guitar and keep it playing great all year round.

See you on the road!


Until next time, stay safe!

Greetings Kids !

We hope you are doing well and enjoying the beginning of the holiday season.
It’s been busy for us so far this Fall and it looks like it’s just going to keep chugging along.

Here at Tour Supply we’re always looking for innovative new products and cool new ways to use them. For example, recently we’ve had clients asking our rig builders to make ultra compact pedalboards for one off gigs and fly dates. We had AFW cases make us these great little pedal boards that can slide conveniently into the Pelican U140 backpack.

One Off Pedal Boards

Configure your board

Tour Supply One Off Pedal Board

Throw it in your backpack

Tour Supply One Off Pedal Board

Off you go!

Tour Supply One Off Pedal Board - Off You Go!

Put your perfect flyboard together now!

We recently started working with Gruv Gear, a great company here in Southern
California that specializes in innovative products for creative professionals. We had been asked to get Fret Wraps string muters for a customer of ours and discovered that Gruv Gear carries a wide variety of useful tools. Check out the Muver series of equipment carts and their unique bags and cases all designed to make life easier for you on the gig. Call us for availability.

Tour Supply - Fret Wraps

Get to your nearest Tour Supply and try Fret Wraps out.

Please take a look theWireless Frequency Finder link from our friends at Shure. Bookmark it and make life easier at your next show by simply typing in the address of the venue and the Shure wireless systems you are using. It will give a list of usable wireless bands and channels for the area you’re in. Very handy indeed.

Finally we at Tour Supply would like to thank all of you for your support and we will do our best to continue to give you the kind of service you expect and deserve.

From Our family to Yours, Have a Very Happy Thanksgiving.

New Products at Tour Supply

Greetings from Tour Supply!

We’re going to jump right in to some cool new product demos and some interesting pics of stuff we’ve been up to.

We just received our first batch of Matrix GT800FX power amps in and we couldn’t be happier with their performance.
Matrix GT800FXTaking up only one rack space and weighing a hair over eight pounds they are designed to bring out the most in the new generation of modeling amps and fit easily into one of our
Pelican fly racks.

Our shop in Nashville has been pretty excited about the 4E Dual Axis Expression Pedal by DB Instrument Amp.

4E Dual Axis Expression Pedal
As the name implies, you can use two different axes to control up to four different effects at once. Now you can get all the functionality of two expression p
edals while only taking the the space of one.

Another product that we’re marveling at is the amazing Korg SDD3000 delay pedal.

Korg SDD3000

Long a favorite of the Edge, the original SDD3000 rackmount delay had a distinctive tone due to a preamp section that gave it it’s warm, slightly saturated sound. All of that has been recaptured in the new pedal. It is contollable via midi and also via it’s onboard footswitches.
Come on down and try it out.

Below is a shot of a case our own Larry Martin had made and delivered to Sir Paul McCartney for his show at Dodger stadium.


Working with AFW Cases, Larry was able to create a design, get it manufactured and delivered to the show in an amazingly small amount of time.
Nice work!

Till next time, stay safe out there.

Tour Supply at the Download Fest

Tour Supply at the Download Fest

Linkin_Park_Gets_Ready_To_Go_Small Chad_Olech_Mixing_Fallout_Boy_Small
Tour Supply once again had the mobile store set up at Download Festival @ Castle Donnington, UK. It was an eventful weekend which included some really nice weather for a change. The headliners for this years’ show were Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park, and Aerosmith…with maybe another hundred bands between.
Tour_Supply_Cabin_at_Download_Small Takumi_Lance_and_Johnnie_Allan_Small
It was great to catch up with many old friends and make some new ones. The Tour Supply cabin was in the artist compound backstage and was a welcome oasis for many of the bands. We were able to provide some much needed love in terms of last minute, “oh crap” items that people needed. In some cases, we were handing off orders to be used on stage only minutes later. This is what the mobile store is about for us. Being on site in the trenches and coming through in the clutch is why we attend these festivals.We’re grateful to be a part of Download Festival for the past 6 years in a row now! Many thanks to Andy Copping and the entire staff at Download who humble us by allowing us to be involved year after year.The Download cabin was manned by UK manager “Big” Al Mouat along with Lance Wascom, who brought the Nashville sunshine along – at least on Friday and Saturday!
Paul Collis was on site from TS UK as well, wearing multiple hats.Paul assisted in the cabin but was very busy all 3 days with Anathema (Friday), Collibus (Saturday) and Winger (Sunday) at FOH and tour wrangling bands. Paul’s “other” company STS Touring once again provided all backline for the festival and even concocted a last minute drum set for one of the bands who arrived sans a drum set due to a slight shipping/packing error!Kudos to Richard Knowles and the STS crew for making it happen.
The Tour Supply cabin can be seen at many other festivals in the UK this year. Here’s the entire lineup including a few that have already passed.  Stop in and see us if you’re attending any of these upcoming shows: Radio 1 Big Weekend
T In The Park
Kendal Calling
V Fest

Greetings from Tour Supply!

We’re gearing up for a busy Spring and stocking up on all of your touring essentials over here:

We at Tour Supply’s secret research facility recently came across an informative read. This is an interesting article about in-ear monitor wireless reception brought to us by the fine people at RF Venue. It’s a short and sweet overview of high gain helical antenna and RF in-ear principles that could be helpful to you in the field.

Finally check out the “What is Tour Supply” video shot by Cooper Carter. It’s a great look at some of what we we do and some of the people that do it here at Tour Supply.

That’s all for now.

Until Next Time – Stay Safe and All the Best,
Allen Moreno
Tour Supply, Inc.

February’s Newsletter

Hey Kids,

I hope you are all doing well and have fully recovered from the NAMM show.

I want to thank everyone that came out to our Pre Namm party at Third Encore.  Attendees got a chance to see some of what our Playback Control System can do along with a display of Shure’s impressive Axient and PSM1000 technologies, Fractal Audio’s Axe FXII and innovative case designs by AFW and Pelican. It was a great chance to hang with you and we’re looking forward to seeing you all again at next year’s event.

In an ongoing effort to serve you better we’re unveiling our “Give Us Your List” program. You have enough to deal with as you travel the country (or the world) and we’re here to help.  Send your list of gear and expendable needs ahead of when you get to your pre production rehearsals, one off or TV appearances and we’ll get it together for you when and where you need it. Coming to either Los Angeles, Nashville or New York? Give us your list before you get there and one of our offices in those cities will make sure it’s ready. It’s that easy.

This Month’s employee spotlight is on Patrick Fallon.

The Most Awesome Patrick Fallon.
Patrick has a great working knowledge of the recording and engineering side of things having come to us from Dark Horse Recording Studio and from attending Full Sail University for Recording Arts and Music Business. He’s been with us since 2010 and is also a singer/guitarist. Patrick is a self described concert junkie and vinyl enthusiast. Sorry ladies he is married and lives in Fairview with his wife and two dogs.

That’s all for this month.

All the best, stay safe,