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We’re gearing up for a busy Spring and stocking up on all of your touring essentials over here:

We at Tour Supply’s secret research facility recently came across an informative read. This is an interesting article about in-ear monitor wireless reception brought to us by the fine people at RF Venue. It’s a short and sweet overview of high gain helical antenna and RF in-ear principles that could be helpful to you in the field.

Finally check out the “What is Tour Supply” video shot by Cooper Carter. It’s a great look at some of what we we do and some of the people that do it here at Tour Supply.

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Until Next Time – Stay Safe and All the Best,
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February’s Newsletter

Hey Kids,

I hope you are all doing well and have fully recovered from the NAMM show.

I want to thank everyone that came out to our Pre Namm party at Third Encore.  Attendees got a chance to see some of what our Playback Control System can do along with a display of Shure’s impressive Axient and PSM1000 technologies, Fractal Audio’s Axe FXII and innovative case designs by AFW and Pelican. It was a great chance to hang with you and we’re looking forward to seeing you all again at next year’s event.

In an ongoing effort to serve you better we’re unveiling our “Give Us Your List” program. You have enough to deal with as you travel the country (or the world) and we’re here to help.  Send your list of gear and expendable needs ahead of when you get to your pre production rehearsals, one off or TV appearances and we’ll get it together for you when and where you need it. Coming to either Los Angeles, Nashville or New York? Give us your list before you get there and one of our offices in those cities will make sure it’s ready. It’s that easy.

This Month’s employee spotlight is on Patrick Fallon.

The Most Awesome Patrick Fallon.
Patrick has a great working knowledge of the recording and engineering side of things having come to us from Dark Horse Recording Studio and from attending Full Sail University for Recording Arts and Music Business. He’s been with us since 2010 and is also a singer/guitarist. Patrick is a self described concert junkie and vinyl enthusiast. Sorry ladies he is married and lives in Fairview with his wife and two dogs.

That’s all for this month.

All the best, stay safe,

Check out a sample of Playback Control by Tour Supply

Tour Supply has teamed up with Programmer/mad scientist “Viggy” Vignola to bring you Playback Control! We’ve created playback systems for dozens of artists including Aerosmith, Imagine Dragons, Chicago, Rob Zombie and many more! Our systems feature Digital Performer software and are rock solid – in regards to hardware, construction, and programming. We strive to make our systems extremely user friendly and very easy to operate. A footswitch starts each song for you, while you can view and cue up new songs on your integrated iPad. Set list changes on the fly? No problem…with our system you can easily adjust your set list at a moment’s notice. See for more info or give us a call at Tour Supply – 1-800-933-TOUR(8687).

Tour Supply “What’s Next Summit” pre-namm show

Greetings all,

We would like to invite you to the annual Tour Supply What’s Next Summit January 21st from noon until 5:00 at Third Encore in North Hollywood.  It will be a low stress get together where you’ll get a chance to talk with representatives from  AFW Cases , Fractal Audio, Motu, Playback Control , Pelican Cases and Shure.  We’ll be showcasing some of what we consider to be important products for the coming year and demonstrating how they can work together to make your life easier.  There will be food and drink along with some great door prizes.  If you’re in town for Namm you should come by and say hello.

Third Encore / Tour Supply
10909 Vanowen Street
North Hollywood, CA 91605

All the Best,
Allen Moreno
Tour Supply Inc.

Happy Holidays From Tour Supply!

Hello kids, just a quick note to wish you and yours a very happy holiday season and to thank you for making 2013 the success it was.

Here’s to a fantastic 2014!

All the Best,
Tour Supply Inc.

Hello kids and welcome to November.

It seems like I was just talking about the coming summer months a minute ago and here we are heading into Winter. 

While you guys are looking around on the interwebs, you should pay a visit to the Tour Supply website and visit the Specials section. There you will find a variety of items that we’re moving at some pretty serious discounts. We’ll be constantly updating the inventory in there so check back often.

We’ve been busy here at the Tour Supply laboratories trying to keep up on the latest and greatest in gadgets and technology. A couple of products that caught our collective eye this month were the AFW Roller vault and the TC Electronics Spark Mini Booster.

When I first started playing in bands, buying cases for my instruments was the last thing I wanted to spend money on and remains one the least sexy aspects of gigging. That and waiting around for hours at sound check, or tearing down after a show and then not dumping my gear until 2am only to be woken up at 6:45 by my 3 year old who wants a bowl of Cheerios and Dora the Explorer, but I digress. I would much rather have spent my money on things with buttons and lights and other products guaranteed to grow hair and make me play better. Now that I’m older and have learned a few expensive lessons I have an appreciation for cases. With this in mind I wanted to show you the AFW Roller Vault.

This is a mini guitar vault that was designed to fit either three electric solid body or two electric and one acoustic guitars. I should note that I’ve been able to safely fit three solid body Fenders and a dreadnought acoustic guitar in mine as well as add a custom slot for a lap steel in the lid.

 afwvault1_small afwvault2_small afwvault3_small

 This is an extremely useful tool for working guitarists that also doubles as an onstage stand with a pretty small footprint. Now you wont have to travel with cases and additional stands. These can also be special ordered to fit basses or wide body electrics but will take about two weeks to make. They’ve been hard to keep in stock so please call your local Tour Supply to make sure they have one before coming down to kick the tires.

The next thing we want to show you this month is the T.C. Electronics Spark Mini Booster. It’s another one of T.C.’s great analog pedals and it will give your tone a gnarly kick in the pants. It will take something that already has a little gain to it and push it into a realm that’s expressive for single notes and aggressive for chordal work. I also recommend it for smoothing out fuzz pedals, a favorite trick of David Gilmour.

Lastly, we’ll be shining the employee spotlight on internet sensation Geoff Barone.



Geoff has been with Tour Supply since 2006 and now manages the NYC branch of Tour Supply. 

He currently resides on Long Island with his wife, 2 kids and dog. 

In his spare time, he is a songwriter, composer & highly proficient multi-instrumentalist who writes music for TV, Film, Video Games and Musical Theater. 

Visit for more information and listen to music at

That’s all for this month,

All the best, stay safe


Never Say Never…

Hello all and Happy August!

I hope you’re all doing well and keeping cool and or dry depending on where you’re at.  This month we will be looking at a couple of cool guitar related products that have been getting some attention at Tour Supply.

The first is by a Mission Engineering.  They make many high quality switching and control products, notably their expression and volume pedals, but also make some great wah pedals and an excellent vibe as well. We have the EPI-R-BK hooked up to a Fractal Audio AXEFX II at our shop in North Hollywood. This is a professional piece of gear made in the USA which features Mission’s extended sweep chassis, and purpose designed sealed 10K linear potentiometer. The R mini toggle polarity reversal switch is ensures compatibility with standard and ‘reverse polarity’ devices such as CAE and Rocktron MIDI controllers.

They also offer a line of “product specific” expression pedals made to interface with units such as the TC Electronics G-System, the entire Line 6 line and the RJM Mastermind among others.  I highly recommend checking the entire line out.

The next product that seems to be causing a stir is by an Italian company called Ego Sonoro.

We are carrying their zero noise products which offer a road worthy, AC free way to power your pedals on stage. Basically it’s a rechargeable power supply that will give you up to 10 hours of noise free run time at 100ma draw. Imagine not having to worry about AC hum at the next venue you play with “less than adequate” power.  They also offer the PZN6 which is an all in one pedal board with built in power supply Made of aluminum alloy base, it’s both rugged and weighing in at a little over 6 lbs., light weight as well. Paired with a Pelican 1550 it would be a rock solid, extremely portable pedal board solution.

This month’s employee spotlight will be on one of Tennessee’s favorite sons, Adam Hudson.

adam_hudson_SMALLAdam is the store manager at our location in Sound Check Nashville and has many years of retail experience coming to us from Artist Relations & GC Pro. He grew up and went to school in Tennessee and played trumpet  for the University of Tennessee Volunteers marching band. On his off time he tries to get to as many of the area’s concerts as he can and to the golf course when time away from job number one (husband and father) permits.

Before I sign off here’s a link to a really fantastic article about the Eagles documentary, The History of the Eagles.

Even if you don’t care for their music, it’s a fascinating look at several decades of the music biz  and at how those guys became one of the biggest bands ever, along with some priceless insight from the great Joe Walsh. This article by Bill Simmons on the Grantland site is definitely a great way to pass some time on the bus or in the dressing room.

Till next time,
All the best and stay safe
Allen Moreno
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